Venture into the Fantom swamp. Join them.

A few thousand disgusting frogs that are part of a cult. They are the Fugly Fantom Frogs... and this is their story. Each frog is randomly generated from a large set of mysterious, never-seen-before, hand-drawn traits that allow for over 7,000,000+ unique possible combinations... with more coming each day.

Grow your collection.

-5+ minted. 33 FTM.

The Bestiary

Hundreds of attributes. View the collection. Meet the specimen.

Open Now

0% - Frog Teller Machines: Each minter gets a random Frog Keycard, useable to access frog-ecocsystem events, airdrops, giveaways, and more.

15% - We will be holding the largest Feast the Fantom Swamp has ever seen. Giveaways, Music, Games, Art, airdrops, and more!

30% - FROGETHBYS: We will begin holding weekly auctions on other NFTS and Collections. Your Key Card will begin generating tokens which you can use to bid in these auctions.

50% - MOSQUITOES AIRDROP: At 50% we will reward all our current holders for helping us get that far. Every frog needs a friend.

70% — One of our super talented artists has been hard at work drawing the daily life of the Fugly Frogs. At 70% we will be compiling each comic into a physical edition that holders can purchase/win in future giveawaysClosed bookGreen book.

90% - LEAPING LOUD: At 90% we will throw the BIGGEST party in Fantom, complete w/ streamed Live DJ sets Multiple musical notesBottle with popping cork.

100% - We will establish the first DAO of the Fantom Cult and enable it to choose a charity(s) of their choice🎗.

100% — !@#*@:SECRET:&#!@(#)%!(@)&@:MSG:@&&$&@

100% Fair Lauch: All for-sale Frogs available at same price

Ownership + Commercial rights given to the consumer over their NFT

Totally random, each with a unique trait combination

Millions of unique possibilites

Carefully creafted, hand-drawn attributes

The Breakdown

Each Frog from the Fugly Fantom Frogs is programmatically generated from over 100+ possible traits, including species, headwear, accessories, and more. All Frogs are disgusting, but some are rarer than others...

The Frogs are validated on the Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens on the Fantom blockchain and their metadata is hosted on IPFS.

The Cult

Frogs got eachother's backs. When you obtain a Frog, you're invited to join us and become a Frog Cult Member. The Frog Cult is a tight knit community of Crypto-loving, frog-owning, creatives.

Each Frog owner will recieve a FrogCult Keycard (a full NFT, for free!) — this keycard can be used to claim things and access events in the Frog ecosystem.

The Team

Also known as The High Council: Frogs were created by a group of friends with the help of some incredibly smart people and talented pixel artists. Combined, their IQ reaches level lethtal to the average human.

Some of the members that make up The High Council have been involved in various projects in the $FTM ecosystem — it's likely you are familair with their work.

The High Council

Spriterminator Ex

Pixel Magician

Although new to the space, Spriterminator is a fantastic artist focused on arranging pixels in a magical way.

Frog Cult Felix

Cult Leader

Frog Cult Felix is a formally educated marketer with a background in creative spaces, highly interested in the blockchain technologies and the likes.



Full-stack software engineer focused in JavaScript and web3 technologies, known for turning ideas in a reality. Founder of Fantom Digital.

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